Top 5 Misconceptions: Depression & Mood Disorders

Waking From The Nightmare

Waking from the nightmare - Book

Finally! A parent friendly book about kids and Depression! In Waking From the Nightmare Laurie has used all that "her kids" have taught her, sometimes in their own words, to allow the reader to enter their world, live their pain, and experience the storm of their emotions.

You will meet several children who have willingly, and with great pride, allowed Laurie to share their stories. Stories that describe their shame at their own behavior when they were feeling their worst and illustrate their anger at the adults who could not help them.  The reader will finally understand why they do what they do and why traditional behavior management does not work with these kids.  Be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to breathe a sigh of relief as Laurie guides you through their journey and shows you how to love them, understand them, and give them optimism!   

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ADD CD from Laurie's Conference

Who's on First? Living & Loving with ADD

Laurie Assadi explores, with humor and insight, the subtleties of ADD symptoms and their impact on daily performance and relationships. After listening to her conference, you will come to respect the complexity of the diagnosis as it interacts with human nature.

Recent research indicates that as many as 80% of children diagnosed with ADD will carry symptoms into adulthood. Although each adult diagnostic picture will differ due to a wide variety of factors, many of these symptoms are often unrecognized, misunderstood or misdiagnosed as any of several other disorders that share some of the symptoms.  Attentional dysfunction can cause significant disruption to one's academic and professional achievement, personal relationships, self-esteem and confidence. When ADD is recognized, understood, treated and accepted, it can serve to enhance and animate one's world and unleash endless possibilities for creativity and achievement. 


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What Others Are Saying

Laurie Assadi’s new book Waking from the Nightmare delivers on its subtitle’s promise “giving our children optimism.” This truly unique and invaluable book conveys the obvious depth and wealth of the author’s professional experience and knowledge, but it goes much farther.

Ms Assadi poignantly describes the complexity of the children’s lives she explores without ever becoming formulaic, avoiding easy or stock answers. She never loses sight of the human beings behind the diagnostic codes or the people who love and struggle along aside them-their parents and teachers.

Parents, teachers, and mental health professionals learn to approach these children with caring, acceptance, and deep understanding. This book functions like a translator, interpreting confusing and disturbing behaviors that often leave the adults feeling just as defenseless and despairing as the children they need to guide through their darkest hours.

This empathic, yet very direct and practical guide, gives adults tools they can rely on when their emotions, as well as their children’s, are running high. In this way, the book “increases the optimism of the child” by building confidence and instilling calm in parents and teachers who may not be able to recognize the pain, anxiety, and fear of the child they love or care about. Ms Assadi’s book empowers these adults to become more effective guides and confident, stable forces in the lives of these children.

Sari Solden, MS.
Psychotherapist and author of Women with ADD and Journeys Through ADDulthood.
August, 2007